Top 5 Blogging Ideas Bangladesh

Blogging is getting popularity nowadays. The reason is the increasing availability of technology around the world. People now can build a nice looking and advanced functional blog within a very cheap price. Bangladeshi situation is somewhat similar. Here students, job holders, and people from many other professions started blogging a part time work. This post will discuss top 5 blogging ideas Bangladesh.

To build a blog: You can make it by yourself at free of cost using BlogSpot or WordPress, or go to a professional for an assistance. It does not take a lot of money to star one if you try by yourself. There are a lot of tutorials on building blogs on Youtube. You just need to go there and conduct a search.
Monetization in your personal blog: You can use local ads or Adsense.

Top 5 Blogging Ideas Bangladesh

Blog about Marketing secrets

Are you a marketing major? Have in depth knowledge on marketing? This idea can change your internet profile. Tell the readers about the top secret marketing strategies, tactics, and technique which can make a product or a service within a short time. Also, as the popularity of online product and service are increasing, you can post techniques that can be used to have more traffic and followers.

To make strong relationship with your readers: Answer to every comment personally.

Tech Blog

You can build a tech blog which is a popular topic nowadays. You have to work hard and invest lot of money to be popular. Because this market is an advanced one, you have to follow advanced strategies. But you can also start with a little investment with a small area of topic. For example, you can start on “how to select a smart phone” and then grow to a large one gradually.  In this case, the competition is low; as a result, you can survive easily.

Small Business Management

Blog on Small business management process, mentor the small business owners. Most of the startups fail because of poor management. If you think you have the expertise, start blogging on that.

Perform Multiple Tasking

Now a day, we need to do a lot of things. Students of the general line are learning to play guitar, job holders are doing personal blogging, professionals have their own chambers besides their jobs and many more. What you can do here, show them the easiest ways to perform multiple works. This is a totally new idea. You can think of this one.

Mentoring in Stock Market

Are you good with analyzing shares? you have extensive knowledge and experience in stock market of Bangladesh? Start blogging today on Dhaka Stock Exchange. You can provide analysis of different share or the general index.

If you have any question regarding Blogging, feel free to ask in the comment section.

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