Top 10 Small Business Ideas in Alaska

There are many small business ideas you can choose from if you wish to earn extra income to supplement your regular paycheck, but keep in mind that you have to exert the same effort and expertise as you would in your day job. With the economy being as it is these days it certainly helps to have something to fall back on when finances are a bit strained. If you need to start your own small business, you want to make sure that the necessary details are covered especially if it involves investing a certain amount of money as capital.

Why starting a business in Alaska can be a nice idea?

One of the major reasons to start a business in Alaska is that you don’t need a lot of money to get into a business. Regardless of the business, you need to start and depending on the demand in the market; you will be successful. A higher demand simply translates to higher profits. In most cases, baby-related businesses have high demands in Alaska and thus high profits for those who run them. Statistics show that almost 350 babies born every day in Alaska. The most popular baby product there is the lightweight stroller which is used by almost 70% of parents.

Top 10 Small Business Ideas in Alaska

Below are top 10 small business ideas in Alaska that you can undertake with little efforts:

1. Start an internet business

Every day more and more people go online and make a purchase for the first time in their life. Little by little the fear of giving out a credit card on the Internet is being erased by the convenience that it offers. This shows there is a tremendous opportunity to sell products online and small business owners came prosper from it. It will not be a fast start because skills training and education may be required before you can start. You can be assured of your ability to also do this by the examples worldwide of average people who are making an above average income.

2. Errand business

This makes sense on several levels. Senior citizens are one example of people who are stuck and unable to take care of daily chores and other routine things in their lives. You could run errands for them and make money doing it. There are business professionals who don’t have time to do everything as well. As both spouses in a marriage work, many things can become difficult to get done.

3. Handyman business

It is amazing, regardless whether you live in a city or in a rural area in Alaska, how many things need to be done to your property. A handyman who is qualified and good at his job will not have a shortage of work because people are more willing today to pay for work they don’t know how to do or have time for. It could be anything from hanging shelves in a spare room to repairing patio fixtures. It could be installing a new shower in the basement, or replacing an overhead light that the electrical is shorted out in.

4. Website content writing

Again, you do not have to be a creative, experienced and qualified content writer to qualify to write articles. You do not need to be good at producing content at all, but yes whatever you write should be free from grammatical and spelling errors! You will also need to meet demands from your clients like compiling lists of best small business ideas, useful resources and browsing websites and lot more other opportunities which do not need any sort of certification in writing.

5. Buying and selling of products

You can open an online or even a small store for buying and selling of products like auto spares, shoes, clothing, antiques, and much more. You can learn to use auction websites for your business venture. You can purchase things cheaply from a garage or car boot sales and then present them on your auction website for sale!

6. Store or shop to cater to specific needs

Another small business idea that you may want to consider is putting up a small store or shop that caters to specific needs of the residents in your neighborhood. These can be anywhere from organic fruits and vegetables to custom-made clothing or any product that you deem to be highly in demand in your location. This type of home business may require you to do a bit of research in order to find out what the residents in your locale need, but the effort will be worth it once you see your business start to grow.

7. Bookstore or coffee shop

You can choose to open a small bookstore or coffee shop for people in your location who want just to sit down and enjoy a quiet moment over a cup of coffee with friends and associates. This can mean spending a larger amount of money as capital though, so you would want to be certain that the proper planning is done. A small business can eventually grow into a profitable venture that will allow you to quit your job and be your own boss, but of course, you have to make sure that you put in the effort and be dedicated to what you are doing.

8. Online tutoring

One can give both academic and non-academic courses to help individuals looking for assistance or info on a certain subject. You could grade and sell e-courses for a beginner, intermediary or sophisticated degrees. You can additionally choose to supply the details totally free and sell ad area on your website.

9. Babysitting people’s pets

There’s a huge demand for someone to look after pets when people want to travel. These could be one-day trips or even longer. If you are willing to have pets in your home, people can bring them directly to you. An even better the idea is to go to the person’s home and look after their pets for them. You can go over and make sure that the pets are fed, play with them, and even take them for walks. There is money to be made in this type of a small business.

10. Customized Jewelry maker

Most people love ornaments. They feel it is prestigious to wear latest jewelry designs for weddings and family functions. They would be spending lots of time in investigating various jewelry designs. They don’t mind spending money on getting good jewelry. You can grab such business opportunity and join hands as a customized jewelry maker.


Starting a small business may mean facing the scariest thing for most us. A lot of times this may be the biggest decision they would do, and it’s a make or break decision so arm yourself beforehand. If you are going to war, make sure you are equipping with the right armor. It’s not enough that you have the heart, also have the right mindset. Educate yourself, hone your skills and continue keeping abreast of what’s in and not in the world of entrepreneurship especially of your targeted niche.

Md Mashiur Rahman