SWOT Analysis of HTC Corporation

SWOT Analysis of HTC Corporation

HTC Corporation, formerly known as HTC Computer Corporation. It is a Taiwanese multinational manufacturer of smartphones and tablets in New Taipei City. HTC is targeting a wide variety of customers who crave for the latest innovations. However, these customers have many needs but the question is whether they can afford them. HTC has addressed to their need and they have also worked out the financial issue by introducing a variety of products at many price ranges and each of these products has features which appeal to their targeted customers. So, by this project report we tried to find development, and growth of HTC. We also did Internal Environment analysis, External Environment analysis, macro-environment analysis to figure out some facts like One of the most key legal issues for a Smartphone is its accountability of privacy. HTC segments its target market in terms of their demographic characteristics, geographic characteristics, psychological characteristics, and usage rate and product feature etc.

HTC makes devices that are very much important in every aspect in our life, and make our life richer.

SWOT Analysis of HTC Corporation

Strength of HTC Corporation


Customization-New Products Yearly – HTC does not offer same product repeatedly. Every year it comes up with new ideas and brand new smartphones, PDAs, and palm tops.

Innovative Product Outcomes- HTC has product variety in their offered products, those are the unique products as well. They never announce the similar type of product as Apple did in the past years. HTC has their own technology and R&D department to invent and offer unique mobile phones.

Wide Range of Product Portfolio – HTC has a large number of products portfolio to offer. It is actually well diversified. As a result, there is stability in their yearly sale.

Cost Reductions – New manufacturing plant in China has reduced logistics and supply chain costs


Weakness of HTC Corporation


Weak Brand awareness  – HTC is not a very popular product, but it should have been as it is one of the oldest brands in the world. In many regions of Asia, people even do not recognize the brand.

Limited advertising and marketing – HTC does not spend much on advertising to promote its products. They invest a small portion of their budget for the promotional campaign.

Lack its own OS and software – HTC does not have its own operating system which results to the common type of product supplement offering.

Opportunities for HTC Corporation


Growing demand for quality application processors – The smartphone technilogy is growing fast. People are preferring advanced technology. As a result, the demand for quality application is on high growth.

The growth of tablet market – People are becoming more interested in tablets and smartphones. The market for these two types is increasing day by day.

Opportunity in offering additional services – they can offer after sale service to gain reputation on this market.


Threat for HTC Corporation


The threat from cheaper substitutes – Third-grade companies are growing day by day and they are offering similar looking smartphones. These are being treated as the substitute products.

Saturated smartphone markets in developed countries – A saturated smartphone market has been developed in the developed countries. This may result in the reduction of sales in future.

Rapid technological change – Todays world is an advanced world in technology. A large number of companies have been working on inventing new technology. To be competent, HTC will have to develop a strong research and development department.

Price wars – Many companies are offering quality products at a lower rate. Country like China can offer smartphones at a lower cost because they have low labor cost advantage.


Competitors’ SWOT

[Last updated: 2017]


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