Personal Shopper – Business idea for Women in BD

Personal Shopper – A Unique Business idea for Women in Bangladesh

Personal shopper, who is he/she? It is a profession where a person or persons help others to buy things. In other countries, people who help others buying things, giving advice, and making suggestions are mainly personal shoppers. They are basically employed by big shopping malls, superstores etc.

Personal Shopper, Business idea for Women in BD

Till now we have not seen any individual, or shopping malls offering personal shopping services in Bangladesh. The young generation became more concerned with their lifestyle, and fashion. So, this is the high time to start this personal shopper kind of small business in Bangladesh.
As the super-shops or shopping malls, or the recognized brands do not have any employed shopper for the buyers, there is a huge demand for personal shopper we assume.

How to start Personal Shopper as a Small Business in Bangladesh?

So, what do you need in the first place? You will need to have strong knowledge about the products and services are provided by the current manufacturers, or brands, advantages & disadvantages of using those products, the fair prices, and about them who offer products and services at reasonable prices, and where they can be found such as shopping malls, super-shops, or different markets. You need to know the current market demands, and the supply. Also, you will have to frequently study the current and potential fashion trends. If you think you already have that knowledge and passion, then this business is only for you.
Offering guidelines on shopping is really a fun job to do. Anyone has prior experience or passion on shopping can start this small business in Bangladesh.  This business will not require a huge amount of money because you will start it at free of cost or at a very small amount of money (maybe a Facebook page that does not cost a single Taka). This personal shopper business idea is more suitable for the women as it just a business of sharing your experience or expertise. You need not giving heavy physical effort on this, and also, it’s less time consuming. Also, it’s suitable for them who want to take it as their part time profession.