Online Business Ideas for Students in Bangladesh

Online Business Ideas for Students in Bangladesh will elaborate some businesses and money making ideas appropriate for students. Some of the inclusions are actually extremely great. If these are chosen wisely and implemented properly, these can be strong money earning source for the students in Bangladesh.

The most of the ideas listed in this post are easy to implement because these can be started as a side business. That means any job holder or student can start this beside their main jobs. Let’s check those ideas one by one.

Students are heavily interested on online money earning source. They want to work from home. Yes, this is good a concept, working from home. We also support working in the online industry because it is pretty flexible and you can do your main job beside online works.

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Online Business Ideas for Students in Bangladesh

To us, each of the money making idea is important business idea; we see each of them equally important to consider.  

  1. Start a Personal Blog – You can start a blog on literally any subject you want. For example, perhaps, you have a great expertise on keeping healthy relationship with your friends and family. You know how to manage a group of friends and how to avoid misunderstanding. You can easily open a blog on “How to Build a Strong Relationship”. There maybe other concepts such as fashion consultant, dieting suggestion, or physical exercise instructor, and many more. So, open an online blog and start working.
  2. Start a YouTube Channel – It is a very popular way because YouTube is a growing platform. Also, a lot of people are making money from YouTube. How does it work? For this, you need to have a YouTube channel, a topic to work with, and the instruments to create videos for example a digital camera. The AdSense is integrated in the YouTube platform. You can easily monetize your published videos.
  1. Buy-Sale of Second-Hand in-Demand Textbooks – This idea is for them who are studying semester based education system because these types of books are always in demand. In every semester, there is always a new demand of new books in the universities. Buying secondhand books and selling or making an opportunity to exchange can be a good money making idea in Bangladesh. However, you need to setup an e-commercial site to execute this idea.
  1. E-Mail Marketing – It is a unique and new business idea. All you have to do is to collect a bulk amount of Emails and segment it into different categories. You can conduct promotional activities for different types of local companies and their brands. Charging a small amount of money is not a bad idea.
  2. Make a Collection of Music and Movies – [That are freely attributable or do not have any copyright restrictions] – This is the time of technology. People do not buy the CDs or DVD anymore. Also, the old music and movies (Not copyrighted) collections are not available in the market. You can make a collection of these music and movies and then sell it at low price.
  1. Setup a Skype Language Course – It is like a private tutoring. You can take online classes and take payment in exchange. You can use Skype and Google classroom as your tools.
  1. Make and Sell Audio or E-book Versions of Out-of-Copyright Set Texts – It is self-explanatory. You may have to invest on building storage and powerful internet connections. Also, setting up a website is a must.
  1. Create a Local [Tourism] Guide – This is one is not an easy one. You have to have in depth knowledge of different location of Bangladesh. Starting with a specific place can a good idea. You can earn from the advertisement of local businesses such as hotels and restaurants. If you are from popular tourism place, you can start it as a local business by targeting local tourist places.
  1. Sell Your Lectures – Create audio and video lectures of different subjects, specially on those in which you have an expertise. Some are awesome in finance, some are in accounting, and some are in management. Find your one. Basically, these are tutorial videos. Tutorial videos are very expensive. If you can do it, it can be very profitable.
  1.  Write for Business Plan and Analysis – It is an independent Bangladeshi website that publishes contents related to business planning and business analysis. Making a business plan is really an excellent professional job. This is an excellent idea but there are certain strong skill sets and education you will need to bring this idea into action. Many people will think of starting their business. But who will provide the business plan and required analysis?  This idea has strong potentiality.

There are certain reasons why I always emphasize on setting up online business. People are becoming so tech dependent. Also, the free tech services became more available. Sooner or later, most of the businesses will go online.

The Online Business Ideas for Students in Bangladesh elaborated some of the business opportunities that can be utilized from Bangladesh. Moreover, these ideas are easy to implement for any students who are at least 18 years old. Those who have sound understanding in modern technologies will have advantage in establishing these business ideas as most of these are online business ideas.

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Online Business Ideas for Students in Bangladesh


Sheikh Faizul Haque, the founder of GotAbout, graduated from North South University, Bangladesh. His major was Finance and Accounting. Faizul has been writing in business blogs since 2013, also has a strong interest in Behavioral Finance, Risk Management, and Portfolio Management.