Online Business Ideas in Bangladesh

What is an online business or money earning source? How to start an internet business utilizing the free or low-cost online resources and then grow it to a large one? Which business requires a very small initial cost? How can a person start an online business at low cost in Bangladesh? This post will discuss a list of Online Business Ideas in Bangladesh. 

I have made a list of some low-cost business ideas that can be started by anybody such as students, housewives, or jobholders who have enough interest but do not have sufficient capital backup to fuel the startup. And also, these businesses are possible to grow it to a very big one if you work in a planned way.

I aggregated these ideas based on internet because we have modern technology available; and we must learn how to utilize those technologies. By this, we can create our own income source, and can increase the potentiality of our country.

Why these are low-cost or zero investment business startup ideas?

It only needs a domain, a hosting, and a web page. You can start a personal blog with a budget of less than 10,000 Taka. That’s it.


Online Business Ideas in Bangladesh


Personal Blogging

I have been talking about this idea since the initiation of this blog. It is really a great money making idea for anyone who has knowledge on a specific field and have organized writing capability. For few cases, you do not have to have a single taka if you want to start a personal blogging. Here is a Complete Guideline to Start Personal Blogging. Hopefully, it will help you.

Content Writing

Very easy job if you have an adroit skill of English writing as you will write for foreign countries. All it cost is spending time on it.

You can work as a freelancer in Upwork or FreelancerThese are market places where you can place bid to win a job. These are very much popular around the world as people can work as their own bosses and so freedom is there. There are other websites for example UK Essay have jobs for anyone who is listed there.  

Affiliate Marketing

What is affiliate marketing? In this internet era, this can be a silly question to ask. Most of us know what affiliate marketing is. In the language of electronic media (Internet), affiliate marketing is the marketing of specific service or product through the internet where you reach and achieve a target market (or a niche market).

How do you do it?

It is simple. You open a website based on a specific product or service. For example, perhaps you have chosen Samsung mobile phone as your product. Now, you publish articles on Samsung mobile phones. Perhaps you write on the features of a galaxy smartphone. So, you make reviews of Samsung mobile phone. Visitors will come and read your articles, and if they feel interest then they will buy through your website. You will earn a commission on the sales you make. The entire process is held in the internet. You can take a tour on the Amazon Associate Program through their website.

Why is it a low-cost idea?

you need to buy a website, a domain, and a hosting. And also, if you do not write the articles on your own, you can get it written from freelancer. In this case, it will cost extra money.

Start a YouTube Channel

Many people in Bangladesh have started their YouTube channels as YouTube made very convenient to open a channel. Some of them started it as a hobby and some have started to establish a money earning source.

So, what is the main idea?

For example, you know how to earn by doing affiliate marketing. You make a video tutorial of the whole process of it. Then you open a YouTube channel, then you upload your tutorial in your channel and publish it. Now you monetize it through Google AdSense which is integrated with YouTube. The more view you get for each video, the more money you will earn. You can follow these 8 steps on How to Earn Money on YouTube.

Healthcare Consultation

The idea is similar to a personal blog in the sense that you will have to write content on health advising. You can monetize by advertising. You advertise local products, but there will be restrictions on medicine advertisements for most of the cases.

This idea will work great only if you have a degree on medical. Otherwise, you will have many difficulties on the internet regarding monetizing. So, if you are a doctor or a physicist, this idea is for you.

Social Media Consultancy

The value of social media is significant and it is increasing each day. It is covering the largest marketing area, and working as a great doorway for all types of businesses. Moreover, offline requires collecting data for marketing research, but in online marketing, the data is collected instantly automatically. So, it is becoming more convenient for marketer people.

Small, medium, and big sized, local and global organizations are becoming more interested in social marketing as they can easily penetrate target market very easily. Many of these types of businesses do not recruit people separately for marketing. They look for people who have already expertise in this field. Examples of social media are Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Shopping Guideline

Have you always been passionate about shopping? Did enough research on the field? If yes, this choice can give you a way to make money online. Open a website, and start talking about shopping suggestions.

If you are new and have an interest in this field, you can take a look to the following guideline too.

Firstly, work for a shopping mall and get enough experience on that field. I am telling you, this is the best way to have experience as you will meet shoppers face to face and know about their choices. Do a bit research on people’s choices and bargaining characteristics. Then make a list of shopping malls and super shops. Learn about the quality and prices of the current market. Make notes of every single thing you learn from your research. Finally, open your website and social media page, and start marketing.

Local Tour Consultant

Bangladesh is a country of tourists. Every year many people come to Bangladesh to observe its beauty. But when they come, for most of the cases, they do online research for it. So, why do not you take this opportunity?

Here again, you will have to have prior experience. As the nation’s citizen, most of us have experienced the natural beauty of our beloved country Bangladesh; we can express it through writing on our blogs. You can, also, take video of those sights and publish on your website.

But you need to be sure about one thing, and that is, you not only write about the sight, but also you write on the directions, traveling costs, foods and all the related things people will need to know.

In conclusion, I want to say, starting an online business from these ideas is never costly. Also, making money online was always an easy task, but it takes time. Also, you need to have proper knowledge on specific field to be successful here.

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