Most Profitable Business Ideas in India

Now a day, small businesses are booming around the world and India as well. The reasons why this happening is people want to add an extra income source besides their main job. Because of this, some small and unique businesses are getting popularity. Profitable businesses are being searched. Feasibility is being tested thoroughly. Today we will discuss some most profitable business ideas in India.

So, what makes a business profitable? We will discuss some basics of profitable business first.

The first thing that indicates the profitability is the sales. If the sale is good, the business is profitable we can easily say it. what should be there to make a good sell. The answer is the demand of the product. If there is an extra ordinary demand of the product, the business will be profitable surely. Second, the buyers of the product must have the capability of buying those products you are planning you will offer in future. Finally, the profit will be dependent on the price. You must make a price that will be supported by the mass people in the market.

By now you have already understood what will make your business profitable in India. Now, you may want to know about highly profitable businesses in India. Do you want to know the profitable small business opportunities existing in India? If yes, then here are the top 10 most profitable, popular, and innovative small scale business ideas in India.

Most Profitable Business Ideas in India


As a country of Asia, India has been doing well in the field of business. India is the next big business flash-point after China. Why? The reasons are because of the rapidly growing economy and a huge population.


Business ideas with very low Investment Requirements


 Search Engine Optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is for people who are looking forward to be an Internet marketer, and want to start their business without any start-up cost. Consultants are called the experts who keep internet marketing strategy at the front side. Among all, India is considered as one of those countries that have the largest portion of Internet  users in the world. In every day around hundreds of websites and blogs that are created, though very small number among them survived. The key reason that they do not survive is the lack of knowledge about marketing their works and getting lucrative ratings.

To start SEO consultancy you need to take some training which you can have from a number of free resources from the internet. You can take training if you want which will cost you a small amount of money, and a training period of not more than three months. It is one of the most popular business ideas in India.

Why is it profitable?

A large number of people are going online for their businesses. Because of the limited number of search result, there will be huge competition to keep the rank in the first page on Google. So, the demand of SEO expert will always be on high.

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Personal Blogging

Blogging is one of a most popular way of earning money online because it does not need large amount of money to start. On the other hand, the return is comparatively much higher than the investment. It is a profitable businesses you can actually imagine.

Opening a blog in today’s world is not that much difficult, and also does not need spending a single buck (You will have free resources all over the internet). To make money in this platform, you only need to give time to for blogging, hard work, commitment, patience, and consistency.



To be a great blogger, you need to introduce a great and interesting topic to grab people interest. It is usual that you will see a number of bloggers but there will always be a space left for the new ones.

How this business is feasible?

To start a blog you need to have a small amount of money. You need to buy a domain and a hosting. You will have a lot of tutorial on how to setup a WordPress blog online for free.

 Sell Used Things Through E-bay

Yes, now it is time to start talking about one interesting business idea. You probably saw sometimes you had something which did not create value  for you anymore. But, for other people maybe these were the precious things they always wanted. So, find those used things which you do not need anymore and you can sell it to others.

Ebay online Market place for secondhand products

Sell Used Things Through Ebay

Have you heard of E-Bay? yes, this is the popular marketplace where you can sell your used things to others and buy another.  So, you can commence your business by selling your used goods on the internet. It is very simple to start trading on e-bay as you need to bring some stuff on cheap rates and sell them after adding your profit and other charges. Also, you can put your product on action and allow others to bid. As a result, you will have opportunities to have the best prices for your product. Time is the topmost investment in this business rather than money, as you will have to allocate much of your time to conduct this business.

In this portion of Most Popular Business Ideas in India, we will see some other business field other than internet business.

Many have been following these three most popular business ideas in India for earning their living.

Profitable Business ideas with Moderate Investment

Wedding Planner

Well, this business is getting popularity recently.  Weddings carry much value in India, and Indians are very particular in the way of their wedding  cultures as they always liked to make that day memorable for the lifetime.

If you think you are creative by nature and have the capability of doing multitask, then its only  you who can bring success in this field. All you need is to rent a place for your office(which has a small start-up cost) and create a network (Social media provides great advantages to creating a business network) with clients. This business is the one-time investment(which is very small) if done in a proper way you can earn  money more than of your expectation.

Food Restaurant

Do you know there are four businesses which can bring your more success among all? Yes, I am talking about Garments, Foods, Lands, and Medicine. Among these four, the food industry has a great value as people need this more than anything in this world.

A popular restaurant in India

Do you think it needs a huge amount of money to start a business of food restaurant? I would say, “No”. The most important thing you need to select a popular place where people density is high. Your restaurant may be small. But it can have great potentiality if the place is chosen wisely.  If you serve mouth watery delicious foods, no matter what, you will never see your restaurant with  empty tables and chairs. You have opportunities to flourish in food business if you manage it wisely. Creativity and uniqueness are the two expertise that one should employ to establish this business.

 Event Management

Management of Events is one of the most rapidly growing businesses in India. It is getting popularity enormously. Every year lot of events like wedding ceremonies, corporate events, and event for award ceremonies, Birthday parties, and other parties are organized. In the starting time, you will need some capital to commence this business, but the return on investment is high in this business. To market your business, you have to have the capability of building a good business network and connections to run this business.

In Conclusion

The small business ideas I mentioned above as profitable because you can set reasonable prices for each type of services and products you are planning to offer. Also, there will always be a demand for these type of products and services in the future. The more you make the sales, the more profit you will make.

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