Most popular Business Ideas in Bangladesh

In every country, there will be a common trend in business industries. Sometimes a sector booms and other get low. These trends depend on the availability of raw materials, availability of labor cost, Public demand, invention of new technologies, or perception on potentiality.

If you take a close look at the industries in Bangladesh, you will find the garments sector has been doing great for past three decades. There are other sectors as well. In this post I have listed the most popular business ideas in BD that dominated Bangladeshi business field for last few decades. 

Most popular Business Ideas in Bangladesh

Garments Industries: This sector has been serving out the nation for many years. The reason behind this success was the cheap labor cost firstly, and the high quality at that cheaper cost. Bangladesh has many garments of different sizes, and types. If we had enough supply of electricity and gas, we could defeat the first ranked nation China. 
Leather: Another popular business in Bangladesh is leather business, mainly export based business. Bangladesh processes  two types of leather products, finished leather and leather goods. As this sector is labor intensive, and Bangladesh has low labor supplies, this sector boomed more than other did. Also, the good raw material is available here. Investors also have adequate government support in the form of tax holidays, duty-free machinery for an export-oriented leather market, and importing of raw materials.
Agro-Based Business Dairy & poultry: Our country has basic characteristics for cultivating agro based products, and those are a year-round non-frost environment, rich alluvial soil, efficient water supply and cheap labor supply. So, this one has been the most popular one for a long period of time. 
Frozen Foods: Exporting frozen food is the second largest sector in Bangladesh. The reasons for becoming in this positions are many. Reasons are promoting semi-intensive shrimp farming by the government, and industry’s dominated by small business persons who are completely efficient.
Information technology, and Freelancing: Its a growing sector. Because the advanced technology is available, and the young generation is very much interested for technological works. Many young people started their own technological firm and looking for foreign investment. 

The essay discussed the Most popular Business Ideas in Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, these businesses have been growing for the last few years.

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