How to Make Money on Facebook in Bangladesh

How to make money on Facebook in Bangladesh? How to utilize Facebook Page?

I have been seeing these types of questions in Facebook nowadays. Some people said they heard Facebook could be used as a money earning source. Is it true?

It’s true that you can make money out of anything but you need to know the “How”. So, how can people make money using Facebook?

My today’s discussion will be on “Making money from Facebook in Bangladesh”.

The Facebook is one of the top buzz words in the current world. Most of us spend a lot of time in Facebook. Anyone can utilize this time if s\he wants. Also, it has become a great place for social media marketers. Businesses are spreading using Facebook. A local business is becoming global through Facebook advertising. Organizations are generating more revenues using Facebook advertisement.

But how an individual makes money on Facebook?

There are some ways any person can make money on Facebook. Those are Selling own products, Posting Referral links, Social advertisement, Publicize local dealers, Sale fan page, Sale posts, derive relevant traffic to business websites.

I will explain one by one in the paragraphs below.

How to Make Money on Facebook in Bangladesh


First Thing First

First of all, of course, you need to create a fan page. You can choose any subject on which you feel you have an expertise or interest in. Then acquire as many as likes possible. The more the number of likes, the more value your fan page will carry. The choose and implement one or all of the ways mentioned below.

Selling a Amazon’s Products

You can have an affiliate account on Amazon. You can sell product in the niche market. Your affiliate links can be shared on Facebook that will place buy order from Amazon. When the products are shipped, you earn money. But it is investment worthy and you need to work very hard for this type.

Sell Your Own Products

The online shopping industry is booming. People are becoming modernized. They prefer online buying more than they did before. You can open a page and start selling of your own products. This type needs initial investment but you can start from small. There are many examples in Bangladesh which were started as a small business page and then became a big one. You can also do it.

The Sales of Posts Through Your Page

There are people who want to increase the number of liker for their Facebook business pages; that is you can sell likes. Some businesses also want to market their brand through Facebook pages. You can charge them by posting their articles on their products or services.

Selling of Fan Page

When you have a big number of fans in your Facebook page, you can derive specific type of likers to other page. There are maybe people who only like to have updates on cosmetics. So you derive them to other page and then you can sell the fan page to specific business organizations that need it.

Derive Relevant Traffic to Business Websites

There are online businesses that market their products online and generate sales online. So, what you can do is making a post or poster and submit the post to your fan page. The liker who need that products or service will follow the post or poster. You can charge an amount for individual post you make.

These are some common money making ideas that can be implemented to make money on Facebook. There are other ways also. I will discuss those ways in my next post. Until then, keep reading other money making ideas here.

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