Key Weaknesses of Apple Inc

This analysis will be on the Key Weaknesses of Apple Inc. The weaknesses are also called the part internal strategic analysis. On these factors, Apple Inc has direct control. That means, they can reduce the number of weaknesses if they want.

Apple Inc. is one of the top renowned multinational tech giants in the world. It is also an America based company. When it is about smart phones, they offer the best quality in the market. It was founded in the year 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne.


 Key Weaknesses of Apple Inc

Every company has their weaknesses and Apple is not exception in this case. First, the offer price of its products is actually pretty high if you compare it with products offered by other tech giants. Though the price is not high comparing to the quality they give but still it remains out of reach for a specific segment of customers. The devices are not flexible when these are required to align with devices from other companies. Also, the design of all of the products is pretty similar. They do not change the design much. Apple develop product of a specific customer segment. It makes barrier to reach the mass market. They only target high class customer segments. Finally, Apple does not have any other distribution channel other than its own. It has created its own distribution channels. That means they do not use any third parties for distributing purpose. It also made barrier for them to reach some big markets in the world.

In Conclusion

The weaknesses of this tech giant can be reduced and more key strengths can be developed. The main weaknesses are the high price of the products and the narrow distribution channel. These weaknesses can be eliminated by taking proper steps.  They can do ensure efficient use of their key strengths. They must reduce the price and broaden the distribution channel increase the their total sales or revenue.

This analysis of Apple was adapted from the SWOT Analysis of Apple Inc.


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