How to Start Freelancing from Bangladesh

Most of the students, in Bangladesh, want to earn their pocket money and want to be self-dependent. A few of them become self-dependent. I hope this number will increase gradually. This post will give them a brief idea on “How to Start Freelancing from Bangladesh”. But before that, we need to have a clear idea about a few concepts.

Who is a freelancer? [Do not be confused with the word Outsourcing]

A person who is self-employed and is not engaged with any particular organization for a long period of time is a freelancer. S/he can be treated as a temporary agent of an organization.[1] When the work given by the organization is finished, s/he may go to other companies to have another job. It is basically a contractual agreement for a particular job.

Freelancing became popular in the era of technology. It can be used for any person working for an industry.

Freelancing is not a tough job to do. But you need to be dedicated and organized to be a freelancer it. Because it needs time and hard work to be efficient in this way of learning.

Why freelancing is preferred by many people in Bangladesh? 

  • It can be done beside your study if you are a student.
  • You can do it sitting anywhere, literally.
  • It is a Flexible way of earning
  • Experience can be achieved
  • Local and global network can be created
  • You are able to take a job from anywhere in the world.
  • You do not need to invest lot of money; your skills set will give you advantage.
  • It can be done beside regular job.
  • You can develop your personal brand recognition

Freelancing is a great job for the people who like freedom and be their own boss. Specifically, for students this is a great opportunities to earn money as well as increase their efficiency in English writing.


How to Start Freelancing from Bangladesh


So, you want to be a freelancer! There must be a starting point. But what is that?

We will start from the requirements to be a successful freelancer.

Well, it totally depends on your target job what type of skills will be needed.

If you want to be a writer, you need to have a deep knowledge of vocabulary & English grammar; And you need to develop a knowledge and experience base on which you want to write actually. For online market researchers, habits of reading will help a lot to do online research.

If you want to be a web developer, you need to have different types of skill sets such as CSS, PHP, WordPress, or HTML.

But what if you want to be a blogger and  want to manage your own blog? You need to have different sets of skills like writing skill, SEO skills, and communication skills.

Here is a list of 30 types freelancing writing jobs. You may want to take a look here.

How to start: Step by Step 

Step 01: You achieve the skills; Achieve the skills and acquire the knowledge that are required.

Step 02: Practice, Practice and Practice; Make yourself a specialist on a particular field

Step 03: Make some real work, open a website and publish your work there to attract your future clients.

Step 04: Go to or or; There are many others as well.

Step 05: Register your name there and open and account.

Step 06: Start Bidding and win a job.

Step 07: Finish the job and submit it to your client.

Step 08: Add a payment method and withdraw the money.

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