Business of Prank or Gag Products in Bangladesh

Business of Prank or Gag Products in Bangladesh

Selling prank products can be a unique kind of business in Bangladesh. Till now I have not seen any kind of prank selling a physical or online shop. So, what is a Prank/Product?

Business of Prank or Gag Products

A prank is a kind of practical joke. Practical jokes differ from those of other because it needs physical activities. Though the act is mischievous, but among friends it is pretty much popular all over the world.

Prank products are those that will help you to conduct/make a prank. These are not an expensive product, and also, can be produced at a reasonable cost. visit PrankPlace to have an idea of these products.

How Will You Start Selling Prank or Gag Products?


Prepare Business Plan : Prepare an effective plan for your business that you will be following through the business lifetime.


Collect the Required Money : Determine the amount of money you will invest in your business. From where you will collect the money? Do you have a deposit? If not, find out sources from where you can borrow or loan the required amount of money. When you have collected the required money, it is time to move to the next stage.


Contact a Supplier : In this stage, you need to find out the market or place from where you will collect the products. As its a business of unique products, you will have to work hard to find out this kinds of products. Or else you will have to manufacture these products on your own. You can surf the internet to have an idea of those product types. Also, you can order online to import these products in Bangladesh. When you have determined the suppler, now its time to think about the promotional part.


Promotional Campaign : How will you promote these products? Well, the social media like Facebook became very popular in Bangladesh. You can open a page and start promoting these products online.

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