Aquarium and Ornamental Fish Business in Dhaka

Are you a fish hobbyist? You have past experience of maintaining aquariums? If yes, then this business is perfect match for you. Its easy to start, require less investment. You can start it on you own, or with partners. It requires expertise, and so before going into business you need to be very expert of maintaining your own aquarium. This post will gradually elaborate the Small Business Idea “Aquarium and Ornamental Fish” in Bangladesh.

Aquarium and Ornamental Fish Business in Dhaka

First of all Write a Business Plan for your Business. Determine your product & services.
  • What type of ornamental fish, and aquarium will you sell? 
  • Will you maintain existing aquarium?
  • Will it be salt or fresh water aquarium?
  • How many types of fish will you sell? Their list?
Search a target market for your product and service. 

  • Will you sell to the homeowners?
  • Will Colleges, universities, or offices will be your target customers?
  • Will it be a large marketplace? 
Keep a section for analyzing your competitors

  • Which one is your major competitor?
  • Who are the potential competitors?
  • What are the weakness of those competitors?
  • Can you gain any price advantage? 
Conduct a research on these points as they are the key elements of your aquarium and ornamental fish business plan. 
In the next step go for the legal work if there is any. Go through this article to know the legal requirements for starting a business in Bangladesh. For some cases you may not be in need of documents, but still be sure that you are in the correct line.

Now write a prospectus of your products and services. Create different types of packages for your customers that you will offer at different prices. Also, write a business contract for the  clients you will serve. State which services you are responsible for and for which you are not.

In the final stage make your marketing plan. You can use social marketing like creating the Facebook fan page, and publish recent updates of your business. Also, you can apply email marketing, direct marketing, leaflet advertisement or publish newsletters.

aquarium and ornamental fish

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