About – GotAbout Business Idea, Strategy, & Analysis.


We (The GotAbout Team) collect, gather, analyze, and share knowledge on business management. We collect information from two sources. One is the primary source of information and another is the secondary source of information.

By primary source, we mean we collect information from individual or individuals of local and global business organizations, entrepreneurs, business students, business faculty members, and sometimes, from government authorities. By secondary source, we mean other people’s works that are distributable. Examples of secondary sources are the company website, the stock market, newspapers, or journals. We work with freely distributable information.


Our Vision


….. is to become the main source of business management knowledge and analysis.


Our Mission


….. We are here to discuss business management and analysis for them who want it. Our goals are to provide knowledge on how to analyze and manage a business.


What “We do” and “We Do not”?


  • We help to enhance your knowledge. It is a learning center, not a financial advice selling center.
  • We provide direction on “how to do”, but not “what to do”.
  • We provide processed information to make a decision. We do not make the decision for you.
  • We discuss on how to value a stock, the process of it. But we do not value a stock, bond or other investment securities.
  • We do not make any stock or alternative investment buying suggestions or related investment suggestion.
  • We do not sell any financial services. We do not offer any kind of services that need licensing from specific field E.G. Business Law, Financial Investment Advising etc. However, we talk about finance, accounting, and management.
  • We work to satisfy the educational purpose and to distribute knowledge. We do not sell any service.


However, if you have any query regarding our services or any suggestion or advice, please feel free to contact us at this E-mail: gotabout@gmail.com Or Through Contact Us Page.