100 Small Business Ideas to Make Money

Cordial greetings to everyone to read my new post on “The List of 100 Small Business Ideas to Make Money [Online & Off-line]”.

I am here again with a list of ideas. You will be happy to know that this time I have made a list of 100 small business ideas that are suitable considering Bangladeshi business fields.

One point should be noted that these are business ideas only, not business plans. So, it does not include any detail but only the ideas.

We will keep the post updated by adding relevant sources gradually. To have the latest editions, please keep visiting our site. 

What should you do after choosing a business idea from the list of hundred business ideas? You must make a business plan and conduct the feasibility study.

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100 Small Business Ideas to Make Money



  1. Personalized and Customized Gift Item – It’s a unique business idea, not a popular one in Bangladesh. You can select it if you have the creativity of developing new gift items. You can take help, to make a business plan, from the gift item business plan from Bplans. [Bplan is a great source of business plans; you can take help from there as well.]
  2. Photographer – you can start with a DSLR which is pretty available in Bangladesh. People like to hire a photographer to keep their ceremony memorable. Start learning from the basic of photography. Read the post 28 Ideas For Aspiring Photographers To Make Money OnlineThe post will give you some ideas on making money as a photographer. Also, study this sample business plan on photography business.
  3. Small grocery shop – It is totally a common but demandable business idea in Bangladesh. Because a grocery shop provides the goods that fulfills the basic human needs. As it provides a wide range of products, so the risk associated with grocery shop is very low.  For starting a grocery shop, you need to come up with some necessary items such as property, technology, place, labor, and equipment. Here is a simple paragraph on “starting a local grocery store“; do not forget to read it multiple times.
  4. Wedding planner –It’s a sober business. It needs not a huge investment. One thing you need is strong communication skill. Here is a small direction for wedding planners, you may find it helpful.
  5. Mobile Shop – selling mobile in your shop can work fine if you can take a shop in a populated location.
  6. Mobile Technician – huge potential small business. Service dependent business, and so if you can provide better service, then it can be a profitable business on long run for you.
  7. Ice-Cream Parlor – not that common in our country. But its growing. Again, you need to have a populated location.
  8. Online Freelancer – you can work as a freelancer. You need to have a skill that can be utilized through the internet. Go to Upwork and select one and start working on it.
  9. Computer Shop – take a shop at rent in a popular market. This business is profitable and always will remain same.
  10. Web Designing – it is a creative work, and need huge persistence. You need to have a strong skill level because it is a very competitive area.
  11. Bicycle Selling – it’s been a passion of riding cycles nowadays. People started liking cycle more than ever. It could be a nice opportunity to be a cycle seller.
  12. Bicycle Repairing – Bicycles are being sold in mass quantity in our country. But repairing shop is not available nationwide. It’s a huge opportunity.
  13. Renting Bicycle – it’s a location based business idea. Like if you are in Cox’s bazar, you can give it a try. People will like more riding and seeing places by cycling.
  14. Cycle Parts Selling – another good business idea relating bicycles. These types of shops are not available around.
  15. Computer Training – is a lucrative and honorable money making idea. Who does not want to be a teacher? You have expertise, you give it a chance.
  16. Dog Breeder – Dogs are the most trustworthy animal of all. There is a demand of expensive dogs in our country. If you have enough space and love for the animals, you can try it.
  17. Affiliate Marketing – it’s been a very exclusive online business nowadays. People from many countries are earning money by affiliate marketing. You need to have technical expertise for this.
  18. Electronic Repairs – it has expansion possibilities. Similar to computer repair business, but it includes all type of electronics e.g. Television, laptop, computers etc.
  19. New Home Organizer – newly married couples may need assistance sometimes. This idea is not a popular one yet, but can be done if proper marketing steps are taken.
  20. Interior Decoration  – another money making idea related to home organizing. Here you need to create your own network. Experience may be needed for this field.
  21. Biscuit and Sweet Making – such an art. Are you living beside a large marketplace? If so, it is a nice business idea for you. There has always been a huge demand of homemade biscuits and sweets.
  22. Cake Making and Decorating – another lucrative home based business idea you may like.
  23. Catering – Qualification is not required for catering, which is more about delivering good food. However, past experience can give you an extra advantage.
  24. Cosmetics Selling – no past experience is required. Go to a wholesale market, collect price list and samples of popular designs. You can start this business buy renting a shop in your own area.
  25. Online Cosmetics Shop – you do not need to have a physical place for a showroom. Just take pictures of the items you want to sell and share it through your business website or Facebook fan page.
  26. Romantic Dinner Preparation – it’s a medium sized business idea. You need to make list of different types of lucrative restaurants and maintain a network with them. It’s not a simple business idea; you need to have a high bargaining power and strong communication skills.
  27. Gardening Services – it’s a unique business idea for Bangladesh. It can be applicable in the main cities. You responsibility will be to do all of the procedures of starting a gardening on the roof or any small place in a house. By the way, it will need to do marketing.
  28. Making Greetings Cards – if you have creativity, this money making business is for you. It is not that much common. But you can do it. Go to the local shops and ask them what type of cards they sell. Create the greeting cards according to the demand.
  29. House Cleaning – At first make a marketing plan and then higher people who will do the job for you. You will be doing the job as an intermediary.
  30. Online Surveys – yes, you can do it by setting up a website. You will have to invest in the initial stage.
  31. Personal Tutoring – personal tutoring will never be an unpopular money making idea, the demand will always remain constant. It does not need initial investment.
  32. Coaching Center – teaching in coaching center and making money is an old but effective idea. But unlike personal tutoring, it needs an initial investment.
  33. Online Tutoring – It’s the advanced and modern way of teaching profession. You can do it by many ways such as WordPress blogging, Youtube Video Blogging etc.
  34. Tutoring through YouTube Channel – extension of online tutoring. It does not need initial cost to invest except the hardware to record your voice or video.
  35. Tutoring Through WP – Extension of online tutoring. Word press is a content management software, like this blog. You can buy a hosting and a domain and start your own online teaching point.
  36. Organic Vegetable Home Delivery – yes, this is a great and unique business idea because the market is over flooded by the highbred. So, if you can supply the organic food at home, it can earn money. But it is not a short term business idea.
  37. Organic Vegetable and Fruits Shop – related to the previous idea and can be integrated too. Difference is, the home delivery is an extension of it.
  38. Organic Farming – farming is always a good idea but in this era of industrialization, many people are losing their interest on this business. But it will grow in future as people are becoming more health concern and turning to an organic foods lover.
  39. Organic Farming Instructions – instructing or suggesting business idea on organic farming. This are highly recommended to the people who have agricultural education background.
  40. Cooked Foods Delivery to Offices – very lucrative and strong money making business idea. But you need to have a corporate recognition in a specific area.
  41. Breakfast Delivery – similar to the previous ideas. These are for the university areas.
  42. Meat Delivery – home delivery of meat, but you need to be socially recognized and also you will have to provide quality service as the business is related to foods.
  43. Animal Foods Home Delivery – this money making idea is for cities only. You can be a supplier of different types of animal foods.
  44. Online Job Posting – open a site for job posting. It’s not very much of big investment. But it takes time to establish one.
  45. Upwork, Freelancing – many types of works are available in this online job site. But you need to be real expert on the field you want to work in. Some of the online jobs are content writing, web designing, web development, personal assistance, article writing etc.
  46. Deposit Money in the Bank – very simple and common idea. Its great idea because it does not have any risk with it.
  47. Buy Shares in the Stock Market – not unique but a difficult business idea. You need to have a well understanding of stock market to invest in. Because it’s a very hard place to make money.
  48. Stock Seasonal Items – there are items we can buy at a very lower price in different seasons. We can buy those items at a lower price and sell it in the off-season.
  49. Paper or Magazine Collections – it’s a different business or money making idea. You will collect magazine and papers in your place. You will give facility to the researcher by providing these sources of data. It’s an idea of big investment.
  50. Data Collection and Sell – another unique idea like the previous one. But it’s arelated to the soft version. You will collect data from different resources and references and provide to the researchers.
  51. Prepare and Rent Flats for Bachelors/Job Holders – it’s another unique business idea, but it’s very much interacting, means dependent on people. You will have to build direct relations with people.   The idea is, you will rent a flat or more than one. You will have to, then, prepare the flat for the people who are living in the city without their families. Rent the room to individuals.
  52. Online Review and Rating of Cinemas – if you have a strong interest on movies, and did watch a large number of movies till now, this idea is for you. But you need to acquire strong writing capabilities.
  53. YouTube Music Channel – this idea is for them who are musician. Opening a channel in YouTube is a very easy work.
  54. Health Advice – You have a medical background? This idea is for you. In this country, the online health caring service is not much popular yet. So, the competition is not so strong.  You can give advice on how to lead a healthy lifestyle.
  55. Medical Advice – Similar to the previous one, but the subject is different. It is about medical related advice.
  56. Dieting advice – Different people follow different food dieting. You can advise according to the individual needs.  This is also an online related money making idea.
  57. Women Health Consultancy –  It is another blogging idea for doctors.
  58. Education Related Consultancy – Many students do not realize the importance of choosing the right subject after finishing H.S.C. This consultancy has a potentiality as the students are becoming more serious about their education nowadays.
  59. University Life Consultancy – Students when get admission into universities, they need to be familiar with new life style and environment. They face difficulties to be used to with the new life. You can be a consultant of this and give them solutions.
  60. Relationship Consultancy – Another unique blogging idea you can start if you have human relation related skills.
  61. Online Selling of Goods – You can sell goods through internet. All you need is to select a good product and open an e-commercial site.
  62. Homemade Fast-Food – You can rent a shop and sell homemade fast food items. There was always a demand of homemade foods. By the way, you will have to choose a populated place.
  63. Surprise Gift Sender – Now a days couples are very much interested in giving surprises to their other half. You can open an online retail shop and sell product which you will deliver to the persons. It’s similar to online commercial sites, but conceptually its different.
  64. Catering Service – It is both the capital and labor intensive business. The initial investment is needed.
  65. Plastic Bottle Recycling – It is the idea of collecting plastic bottles and sell them to the people who recycles.
  66. Used or Secondhand Products – You can collect and sell secondhand products physically and virtually.
  67. Business Startup Guidelines – Are you an entrepreneurship major? You can establish your own consultancy firm on business management though you need to have a prior experience as well.
  68. Import-Export Guidelines –An expertise and prior experience are needed for this kind of consultancy process.
  69. Motor Bike Renting – (daily basis) – It very expensive and a risk business as well. You need to take guarantee from the people who are going to rent bikes from you. Maybe you can ask for some amount of security deposit before renting and the money you can utilize somewhere else.
  70. Money Exchange – Exchanging foreign currency can be a profitable business in some specific areas.
  71. Medicine Stores – Medicine is always an important element in our lives. It has a strong demand. But you need to study medicines before starting this business. You have to have a license for doing this business as well.
  72. Grocery Shops – Have you ever seen any area without a grocery shop? You did not (Except some areas, those are exceptions). Why? Because it is the business of foods. And business of foods has always a strong demand in the market.
  73. Egg Suppliers – In Bangladesh, the demand to eggs is very high as you can get all type of healthy elements at a very low price. There is a demand of few millions of eggs each month. Starting this business can be a good idea.
  74. Ice-Cream Parlor – Capital intensive that means you need to have huge capital for this business. One most important thing is, you need to select a location of huge traffic flow.
  75. Corporate Gift Items – Profitable business when you have a strong marketing team.
  76. Nursery Business – selling of plant is a good idea. It’s also meant you are doing something for the society and the environment as well.
  77. Babysitting – Not common in Bangladesh. Only a few NGOs are doing it. Can be profitable if security, privacy, and reliability are ensured.
  78. Affiliate Marketing – Online business idea which I am also doing. It’s a huge market as it is global. You will do market and sell a product online and in exchange you will get a percentage.
  79. Content Writing – Have talked about it many time and though this should be included here as well. Go to Upwork and Create an Account. You will have to attend few online examinations there to get approval of the skill certification. Then you can start working there.
  80. Housecleaning – not common in Bangladesh, and seems not to be profitable but it is. You need to have a good marketing channel.
  81. Social Media Consultant – huge number of companies are opening and expanding their social networks. You can do social marketing consultancy and management with them.
  82. Antique Buy-Sell – Not common in Bangladesh. But has a potentiality. You can start with antique stamps, coins etc.
  83. Body-Building Instructor – people, specifically the younger generation become more health conscious. You can start bodybuilding instructor if you have prior experience.
  84. Interior Designing and Decorating – not new but still not available everywhere.
  85. Exterior Designing – this is for the people who have study background in architecture.
  86. Landscaping Services – it’s a beautiful service but for not mass market. You have to be very creative to conduct this business as because money will come from the presentation of your work.
  87. Roof Gardening – a small money making idea. You can develop a strawberry garden.
  88. Roof Aquarium – ornamental fish is demandable in a specific segment in Bangladesh. It can be profitable if you can breed those fish.
  89. Gardening Instructor – demandable in the specific community where people are very much interested in the gardening. This can be profitable if you go online. Money can be earned from online advertisement.
  90. Pizza Delivery – if you know how to make Pizza at home, you can take it to the further level. This is how a small business grows. You need to have an e-commercial site setup by which you will receive pizza orders.
  91. Proofreading and Editing – before publishing a book, there is a need of proof reading. This is a very niche money making business idea. And if you do not have a reading habit, you should not think of this money making idea.
  92. Personal Tailoring – in this modern world it not that much interesting idea. But some people actually prefer personal tailors and wearing suggestions.
  93. Virtual Assistant –you can become a virtual assistant. Upwork offers a lot of opportunities for different types of professionals.
  94. Resume Writing Service – not a common money making idea but have huge potentiality.
  95. Graphic Design – it is easy to learn graphic designing. But you need to practice to be efficient and skilled in this money making line. Creativity is the key to success in this idea.
  96. Online Courses – If you’re an expert at something, you will have opportunities to teach other people online. This is one of the most successful money earning ways in the internet.
  97. eBooks – again your expertise can be utilize in this idea. You can create E-Books on different niche subjects and sell them online.
  98. Ebay Sales – it is similar to selling on Amazon. eBay is the place to make money selling just about anything you can think of.
  99. WordPress Consultant – In my list you have seen many business ideas dependent on the internet. And here in the internet, you will find the WordPress very much relevant to launch a blog or an e-commercial site online.
  100. Income Gateway Consultant – Lastly, See these online businesses are dependent on online earning sources. That means anyone starting an online business will need the gateway where they will be earning, e.g. Showing ads like Google AdSense, getting approval from Adsense or Amazon etc.

Finally, I want to say that, the sole purpose of writing these 100 small business ideas to make money is only to let you know about the businesses that are suitable for Bangladesh. Now, what is the second step after choosing an idea? You need to collect information regarding the business you have chosen and make a business plan. Learn how to Write a Business Plan and conduct a feasibility study before you execute the business.

We have started working on “How to open an online blog for free and manage” it since many of you showed interest for online blogging. Until then, stay well and do not forget to read our other business ideas.

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