10 Online Money Making Ideas in Bangladesh

What do most of the skilled internet users want while passing a long period of time on internet? Perhaps, they are looking for a way to start their own internet business. Well, here are 10 Online Money Making Ideas in Bangladesh which are highly related to the internet. These are easy to form in Bangladesh.


10 Online Money Making Ideas in Bangladesh

  1. Become a Virtual Assistant

The first of all online money making ideas, virtual assistant is a great job where you can have multiple clients. You give the services like blog maintenance, product listing, market research. This job can give you earning at the range of $15-$20, depending on the responsibility and duty you fulfill.

2. Web Designing

Today for every company is wanting their own website to present their products and services. They need a better one which will present their things more attractively. You can take them as your target market and offer web designing. Its one of the most flexible business to do. Sometimes the skill is enough while there will be no startup costs. Perhaps, its the most popular in the whole world, and I give it utmost importance among all these ideas.

Start learning the codes of designing. you can participate to many online courses, and also there is a huge free resources at the internet. And then register with online freelance website like O-desk, later named as Upwork, and Freelance, and start working. This job can give you ultimate success.

3. Deal in Domains

Have you heard of domain dealer? The concept is similar to a car dealer or a land dealer. Today, the domain is like a home holding address which has a real value. Open lucrative domain and then sell it to the target people. The budget is only the buying cost. You don’t have to have an expertise on this field to start this business. Learning how to reach the end customers rather than another dealer will be the main challenge.

4. Freelancing

What about focusing on outsourcing business? Assuming you have skills on some specific fields like web designing, web development, blogging, or online marketing and also a human resource. The most successful provider at some point feel that they need external helps. You can give them these service while they need, by of course outsourcing and earn a lucrative profit margin.

5. Building Apps for Smart Phones

You need to learn the code language to build apps for phones like android. The demand of android platform is increasing at increasing rate. Learn the programming language and start building. There is a demand of many types of apps in the current market. You can sell you work to many firms, and also you can do work in odes and freelance.

6. Offer Email marketing

Email Marketing is a direct marketing technique in which a commercial message is to send to a group of people through email. In its broadest elaboration, every email sent to a potential current customer could be considered email marketing. Usually, it involves using email to request business, send ads, or solicit sales or donations, and is meant to build trust, loyalty, or brand awareness. The term is usually used to refer to sending messages with the purpose of building and enhancing the relationship of a merchant with its previous or current customers, to encourage customer loyalty and repeat business, acquiring new customers or convincing current customers to purchase something immediately, and adding ads to emails sent by other organizations to their customers or clients.

All you need to collect huge number of active email addresses, segment those into different groups, and conduct marketing to different types of segments on behalf of companies or your clients.

7. Telemarketing

Its a service for appointment setting as well as creating leads. Today many companies are looking to outsource their marketing efforts. This is where you can take the job. Telemarketer charge few dollars to forty depending on the type and size of the operation.

8. Create Video

It is such an easy way to earning money. Start shooting different types of video in which people will feel interest. Create your own channel in YouTube, and provide those to the people who has sole interest in those types of videos. Creative skill is needed in this field. You can earn revenue by using Google AdSense.

9. Start Managing Social Media Profiles

Social media is an important part of all types online business. But the real problem is managing the time. Most business managers simply do not have the time to be involved with LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and other sites. This is where you can have the opportunity.

If you can collect clients and build up appealing social media profiles, then you will be able to attract clients, which makes these services valuable. These projects are posted on freelance sites such ODesk/Upwork and Elance on a regular basis. So, you can start to build up clients very easily.

10. Start Creating Valuable Resources

The last of 10 Small but Effective Online Business Ideas. Those sites make more value which gives most valuable content in the web. Youtube possesses a huge number of different types of videos, and Facebook possesses a huge number of the profile of people. If you can create a site which focuses on the valuable contents, that can be a right choice of way of earning. Do not forget to start with giving limited service freely, and then charge for using other features.

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