10 Amazing Small Business Ideas California

Getting a reliable employment opportunity is increasingly getting hard. Population growth has been rapid and has led to the increasing rate of unemployment. Starting a small business actually sounds better than struggling to fit in as an employee to someone. The passion you have as an entrepreneur is enough to take you to a level higher as long as your investment goes into a good business idea.

With a little capital, there are a number of small businesses that you can start and become your own boss. In this article, you are provided with a list of 10 amazing small business ideas in California that are profitable. Starting any of them in California can be a great investment for you because of the following.

Now I am showing the top 10 business idea for you, it really helps you to become your own boss. In California, It is very difficult to get a government job. That’s why you may take a different way to make visible your dream. There are many ways to get success. which I have given below.

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Why is starting a business in California a nice idea?

California is a very populous country that is now growing rapidly despite the challenges that had hit it. The increasing population demands to be provided with everything it needs. Investing here is, therefore, a great opportunity for you to sell your products or services to a very broad market.

Industrialization has also not been left behind in California and this has led to the availability of raw materials and other necessities that you might need for your small business. The country is basically providing a good, safe and reliable working environment for you.

A good business idea that can thrive easily and greatly in this country is the one that targets the largest class of people. The following list contains such business ideas. All of them are profitable and can highly be endorsed by the people.

10 Amazing small business ideas in California that are profitable

1. A daycare

This country has many working parents who cannot be able to take their little ones with them to work. Providing a daycare center can be a great relief to such parents. You can run the center at your place or rent a space and equip it accordingly. With such a facility, you can be able to provide babysitting services for a daily, weekly or monthly charge. An assistant can be hired for a better workforce.

2. Food delivery

Food is a basic need that has to be taken on a daily basis. California has many people that work both formally and informally. They all need to take daily meals while still working. Cooking food and delivering it to them is a nice business idea. You can start by making a daily food menu that is both outstanding and price conscious. From there, you can persuade those working around you to try your food. The food can either be made at home, or in a simple rented room. For efficiency, an extra person can be hired.

3. Gaming Zone

Many young people love relieving their daily stresses through gaming. What most of them lacks in California is the best gaming equipment and center. Providing them with all that can make you great profits. It is a small business idea that does not require too much money from you. The only expenses that are normally incurred afterwards include utility bills and new games. Initial startup is the only one that might require a fair amount of money depending on the size of the plan.

4. T-shirt printing

T-shirt branding is now a common activity that is happening everywhere. California is not left behind and the demand in this industry is from both individuals and groups. T-shirt printing business only requires you to start with the necessary printing equipment. Most orders are always bulk and a single one can even return all your capital. You can run the business in your house and move the communications and advertisements online.

5. Salon

This is another great small business idea that is highly profitable. In California, beauty parlors are in great demand because of the rising population. You can set up a simple physical salon or offer the services as a mobile beauty parlor. Depending on the amount of money in hand, you can purchase all the necessary equipment or decide to reduce your services for limited purchases. Makeovers are in high demand. Additional workforces may be needed.

6. Outside Catering

This is a big country whose people love organizing many varying events. In such events, catering services are needed and have to be outsourced. Coming out us an outside caterer would help you land on such offers. The needed equipment does not require so much. You will only have to look for several sets of hands that can join you and start earning this demanding business.

7. Dry cleaning

Laundry services are important to most of the working people. Bringing the services closer to them would be a relief. To make the most out of a dry cleaning business, you should take it to a busy location that is surrounded by ever working people. The business can be started with a single dry cleaning machine and may not require an extra set of hands.

8. Photography services

Moments are best preserved in pictures. At this moment, people are in need of high quality pictures that can be shared to friends and other people. With good skills and equipment, you can utilize this chance and make good returns. You can decide to open a photo-shot center or operate in a mobile manner. With the right impression, people can start inviting you to their events for your photography services.

9. Real estate broker

The USA is a very active country that is developing rapidly. The buying and selling of land and property is on the rise. To avoid con men, buyers and sellers are looking for reputable brokers that can link them. You can establish a broker agency and serve as the middleman here. Your work will be all about linking buyers with the sellers and will require very little starting capital.

10. Poultry Farming

The rise in technology has led to the advancement of farming methods. Poultry farming has become much easier, reliable and profitable. It is a rapidly growing agricultural sector that requires very little input. The returns of poultry farming are massive and normally take a very short period of time for them to be felt. Starting and running the business may seem exhausting but is worth your time and money.


Starting a small profitable business in California is easy. You should no longer delay your chances of investing because what you have is enough. The above list contains easy small business ideas that can do well in California. Choose one of them and start making good money out of the little savings that you have.

Md Mashiur Rahman